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- Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

Utah Cave

Cave Conservation Policy

Damage resulting from intentional contact, including contact resulting from the diver´s failure to obtain appropriate training, shall not be tolerated in any form. If diver wishes to undertake an advanced activity, that diver agrees with and understands the need for training in that activity. Such advanced activities may include alternate gear configuration (for example, sidemount configuration), operation of a DPV within the cave system and diving to depths beyond 130 fsw. By engaging in such activities without proper training, the diver acknowledges that he is exposing the cave environment to intentional and unnecessary damage.

Removal of "souvenirs" of any form from the cave habitat is condemned by the cave diving community. The diver is encouraged to remove diver debris from the cave systems, but to leave all naturally occurring formations - intact or damaged - within the cave.

Each cavern/cave diver must assume a high degree of personal responsibility for protection of the cave environment. It is the duty of each diver to take personal responsibility for eliminating damage to the cave systems and educating others of the need for conservation and protection of these systems.